Our nursery sells unrooted and rooted cuttings ONLY TO PROFI GARDENERS AND RESELLERS !!

Dear public customer!! For smaller quantities, please visit our Garden Centers in Makó or Kecskemét.

Your pre-order will not be valid until we contact you and our colleague confirms your purchase!!

In this case, you will receive a written confirmation of the goods you ordered.

Your written or verbally pre-order, which is confirmed, is a contract under Hungarian law whereby you have a payment obligation.

Within 8 days of confirmation, you may modify or cancel your order in writing or verbally, without obligation.  

We deliver to Szeged and Szigetszentmiklós, or you can ask home delivery. Pick-up is possible in personally, or mailing. Mailing is not always possible, it depends ont the delivery adress, the weather and the plant variety.

We reserve the right to change prices! Prices are guaranteed up to 400 HUF / 1 Euro. You can download the actual prices from the main menu. Our webpage prices only guaranteed to week 44 delivery, after 44. week it will increase.

Delivery weeks of cuttings: 2023. 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50. weeks and 2024. 1, 2, 4, 6, 8. weeks.

Pre-season delivery available, early pot carnation, pelargonium cuttings: 2023. 36,  38. weeks.

Minimum 8 weeks pre-order required, or request our current stock list!

Some varieties may soon run out due to high demand, so the sooner you order, the more secure we are able to deliver the desired plants.

Minimum order quantity of rooted or unrooted cutting are 100 pieces.

Smaller, than 100 piece order costs 20% extra surcharges. Pre-grown pot carnation also can  be ordered on tray 42, we raises the rooted plant price by 20% extra.

In case of pre-order of high quantities we provide you a  discount price.

The prices shown on this website are  including hungarian VAT (27%), including the license fee and packing cost!

We take delivery  with our heated, insulated special cars. (in Hungary 100 huf/km, delivery to abroad please ask prices)

SAles period of propagating plant material:

Pot carnation from 01 September to 20 February. (pre-order or stock list available)

Pelargonium from 01. September to 28. February. (pre-order or stock list available)

Balcony Plants (Trailing Petunia, Calibrachoa, Verbena, etc.. balcony plants) 01. December to 28. February. (pre-order or stock list available)

Save time and heating costs! Order pre-grown, 7x7 potted cuttings or half-ready plants in 9, 10 or 12 pot sizes as required!


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By pre-ordering, you consent to the handling and storage of the data you submit,  for the purpose of administrating.

Our company may not give your data to third parties.

If pre-order details were sended to our colleague, we storage it at a safe place. We only use your data from the pre-order date until your order is completed and delivered.